Tuesday, January 3


Tired of trying. Sick of crying.

Yeah! I'm smiling. But inside I'm dying.

( I love being me. it's just that sometimes 
BEING ME isn't good enough for everyone. sigh! )

my situation is just like : 

"the worst thing in the worlds isn't going alone. it's being surrounded 
by people that make you feel like you're alone."

but some say : 
"if you wanna fly, you have to give up the shit that weigh you down"
                                                                           -Toni Morison-

and i say : 
"the reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look 
at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have gotten" 

but i will : 

" that re-freshed feeling after wudhu' and getting ready for salah."

" when I talk to You, my days gets WHOLE LOT BETTER"

Lastly : 

nota kaki : two days in a row kept crying since come back campus. plus on my way back here my dad asked me why he kinda have a feeling that i'm not in the mood to go back campus. seriously, this time i leave my heart back home because i just don't have a heart here. sigh. all sort of thing just pop out in my mind. 
but, suddenly i received a text from a very good friend :

"jangan mereng dulu, nanti aku sampai sana, kita mereng sama-sama oke babe! nanti kita hang out sesamer oke! chill babe!" 

(huh! suddenly felt relief. seriously. nak hang out macam bukan minggu exam-lah! )

3 january 2012
2246 pm 
mood: trying to study ~.~ /