Saturday, February 18

live hell or live well. you choose!

live well or live hell.
you choose.

life is about living to the fullest and about gaining something that u want, not others want.
think more about you, not about others because the do not.

sometimes, some say choc will make you feel better no matter how bad your state is.

exit light, enter night, take my hand.. we're off to never never land.

because we cant have everything in life.

but, okay.. it doesnt matter to me it doesnt matter to them.

I wasn't mean the wrong way . Won't you do me the right way
Where you gonna be tonight. Coz I won't stay too long

Maybe you're the light for me. When you talk to me it strikes me
Won't somebody help me. Coz I don't feel too strong

but was it something that I said. Was there something that I did
Or the combination I broke that did me have

You know that  I'm hoping you sing alone
Though it's not your favorite song
Don't wanna be the wind just nothing left to say
You know that someone those spin again
When you do really  you need a friend
again don't wanna be the that wind just nothing left for me
And I hate the thought finally been erased
But  that is the best of me

Everything's behind you. But the whole place I sit besides you
Living in every moment. Have I wasted all your time

mau sahaja aku lontarkan segala kata-kata
lontarkan selagi ia tidak meracun
kongsikan walau hanya pada awan-awan.
kerana nobody's going to listen to me anyway..

hikayat hidup yang tidak selalunya lawa
tak selalunya ada pelangi
kalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, duri-durinya tetap ada.
kadang-kadang bilamana malapetaka itu datang
terasa bagai kena gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumo
rasa macam dah tak mampu bangkit
rasa macam dah tak mampu nak hela nafas

that's why..

live well or live hell..
you choose!

1939 pm
rooftop rant